Rhizome Partners
Rhizome Partners is a value-focused investment firm 
The classic dilemma of investing is that investors are torn between the preservation of capital and the appreciation of capital.  One can buy US treasury bonds for safety or invest in startup biotechnology companies for speculative returns.  Rhizome Partners utilizes a value investing approach that stresses capital preservation while achieving consistent outperformance to the market.   

In plant science, species like bamboo and aspens reproduce via rhizomes, which are underground horizontal stems.  What may appear to be a forest full of individual bamboo or aspen trees can actually be a single organism with a vast underground root system.  Rhizomes allow a single plant to reproduce quickly into a vast forest.  Rhizome Partners intends to compound a small amount of startup capital into a large sum in the future.  The vast root systems also enable the organism to survive fire, diseases, and insect infestations and regenerate quickly afterward.  The fund will be positioned to weather future financial crisis and take advantage of opportunities afterward.